This was the topic of my talk at the Nasscom Game Developer Conference 2014 (Pune).

I was heavily jet-lagged after an insanely long flight from Montreal to Bangalore. And then I rushed to Pune for the GDC. Our game Dadi vs Jellies won Game of the Year on Day 1 and this talk was delivered on the morning of Day 2.

The talk is about an hour long (35 minute presentation followed by Q&A). The video is broken down into four parts and I am also adding the slide deck at the bottom for convenience.

Part 1:

  • I flip the order and start by asking questions to the audience
  • I admit to being Ivankov Dimitrovich
  • We discuss babies and where they come from
  • Design challenges on live games are discussed
    • Demographics and unexpected users

Part 2:

  • Design challenges on live games continued
    • Users behave in odd ways
    • It’s alive and behaving in a strange way!
  • We discuss design skills for running live games
    • Become friends with data (Star Trek: TNG reference thrown in)
    • Become the voice of the player
    • Learn to experiment – correctly
    • Learn to balance
    • Create an arsenal – playbooks!
    • Be Pragmatic

Part 3:

  • Q&A

Part 4:

  • Q&A continues



Designing for Live Games
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