I did an AMA with the Bangalore Startups Slack Channel on the 14th of April (10:30 PM – 11 PM IST). We spoke about my background and how I entered the field of gaming, what drives people towards games, the state of the Indian gaming industry and many other topics.

The team at Bangalore Startups has turned the AMA into a post on Medium. You can read it here:


I had a lot of fun doing the AMA. Was difficult to keep up with the questions and answer all of them in the short period of time.

I did refuse to answer a few questions regarding the controversial issue of Airtel Zero. This was primarily due to the fact that I don’t work for Airtel and on a day to day basis have no dealings with them. While Net Neutrality is an incredibly important topic – my views on it don’t add any new dimension to the debate.

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AMA – Bangalore Startups Slack Channel
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