This weekend I delivered a talk on running effective design sprints at the Design Quicky event organized by 500 Startups. The event is a boot camp geared towards helping founders and early stage startup employees understand design techniques, methods, processes and concepts.

You can find the slides from my talk below:

What I have suggested is a modification to the design sprint process popularized by Google UX teams and Google Ventures.

The following are some of the critical points:

  • Without the homework phase the entire sprint process would fall apart
  • Important to answer “Why” before “What” and “How” – (a) why do we care about this problem?; (b) why would our customers care about this?
  • Design sprints are not just for designers and PMs. Having developers and other team members as part of the process is a must.
  • All ideas need to be sketched out. Verbal exposition should be kept to a minimum. Everyone can use simple shapes (rectangles, circles, etc) to express ideas.
  • Zen Voting (voting without speaking) whenever possible
  • Breaking up the product into orthogonal pieces helps with faster design and development cycles

Here are a few links to resources:

Google Ventures:


Google UX:


Orthogonal Product Development :




Running Effective Design Sprints – 500 Startups Design Quicky
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